Pokémon Go! Welcome to Augmented Reality!

In one short week or so, Pokémon Go has introduced the world to the abstract concept of Augmented Reality.  AR is the cousin of virtual reality, where virtual imagery augments reality.  It’s a game based on Nintendo’s 1990’s hit  Pokémon.  This time, players use Pokémon Go their smartphone and an app to search the vast physical real world to find and capture Pokémons.

The app uses real world imagery from you phone’s camera combining it with the animated Pokémons. Not only that, since the phone’s GPS knows where in the world you are, the Pokémons are location specific.  If you are near a pond or lake, then more water related Pokémons appear.

Why is Pokémon Go relevant to VR Filmmaking you ask?

Simple.  Because it demonstrates the viral nature of this new technology.  Vox.com is reporting that in the week Pokémon Go has been available, it has been downloaded more than 7.5 million times and that it’s daily use is soon (like next week) expected to surpass the number of daily Twitter users.  Think about that!

So if there’s any question in your mind about how fast we’ll all be using virtual and augmented reality in the very near future.  Look no further than all our friends playing Pokémon Go. 

The future is ours to invent.  Let’s get going!


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